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Tuesday, 18-Sep-2012 03:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
One night no words. Boy did not call girl again.

One night no words. Boy did not call girl again.

2nd day, the girls received a call from boys mother, phone case over there. Boy had a car accident last night.<a href="">yorkville bomber sale</a> Police say speed too fast cause the brakes to be anxious, bumped into a bad halfway through the big trucks. When the ambulance arrived, people had to die.

Heartache for girls to cry out, but regret no longer used. She could only come from memories of Miss boys brings her joy and happiness.

Car parks for girls if you came to grief, she wanted to see the boys stayed in last place. Car has hit can't fully look like.<a href="">cheap yorkville bomber</a> On the steering wheel, dashboard, also stained with the boy's blood.

Boy's mother when her relics to the boy girl, wallet, watch, also has that covered with boys ' blood phones. Girls open wallet, there's a picture of her, blood stains soak half.

When a girl is picked up when boys Watch and was surprised to find, watch the pointer in the vicinity of 12:35.<a href="">Canada Goose Men Black Calgary Jacket</a>

Girls instantly see, boys in the last effort to call her after the accident, while her own because plugging gas did not receive.<a href="">Canada Goose Men Black Citadel Parka</a> Boy had no more strength to the 2nd time to phone, he took of girls unlimited love and guilt are gone.

Girls never know, what boys want to and she said that the last sentence was.<a href="">Canada Goose Women Navy Expedition Parka</a> Girls understand that is not longer than the boys, love her more!

Monday, 17-Sep-2012 02:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Thousands of years ago, I was a bird, stopped at the top, look far away, just to hear your voice calling, from this symbiosis.
Thousands of years ago, I went from Caterpillar into butterfly,<a href="">yorkville bomber sale</a> just to dance and you both in a month, leaving a beautiful in the world.
Today, our people alive again. I waited quietly in the distance, the lover is waiting for you-listen to my voice
I touch those fine sunshine, warm those cold, Moonlight, is actually very simple, just because thousands of battles in the mundane world, you are the blue blue sky. Blue I belong. Fine willow branches such as breeze, stars with the Moon, quietly stay by your side, see streamer fly, depending on how you have time use ... surreptitiously to supersede ....
Bomb ash fingers, but a century of life, are traces of mosaics in countless colors. What we used to dress up them.<a href="">cheap yorkville bomber</a> Whether brilliant or simple, whether joyful or sad, walk carefully, it is a complete 24 colors, or more colors. However, your memories, you sing, I was happy or sad, is bright or Yin Duo.<a href="">Canada Goose Men Black Calgary Jacket</a> In fact, I color the brush in his hand, stopped at your side, and constantly covered with blue, powder, red and green ... ...
As long as you see them anymore, you know, they are very beautiful, very beautiful ... ...
How much love in the world, like a Lake of water, flow slowly towards the sky, like a first-class cold Brook, extending towards the lush tree-lined. Roots a day cream dye made to China, I embrace all kinds of suspicions, followed the bank asking you the source of the forest. We are no longer young. Hand, were me in your top of a eyebrow SI ling, I read Nariumi in your eyes blind. Do you live near the end, <a href="">Canada Goose Men Black Citadel Parka</a> I live near the head. When we hug from the shore of the Yangtze River through, I slipped onto a seed in the middle of a river. I know the River is very deep, won the end of invisible,<a href="">Canada Goose Women Navy Expedition Parka</a> I knew the river the waves are big, big enough to sweep everything. But I was still very stubbornly spilt seed down. Expecting one day to harvest it.

Saturday, 15-Sep-2012 03:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Where is, hold your hands, no matter where you go

Where is, hold your hands, no matter where you go, no matter where your people, I'll be here.<a href="">cheap livigno parka</a> Is a kind of happiness for the first time. Maybe when their moment of life and death, more kind of lingering crush on each other together so crazy about each other with eyes of feelings. In each other's hands holding a never snapped the Red rope, even part one, may be the rope lock love to each other.

Handle, not successful, wind clouds dance and time is better, boundless, smiling eyes, submerged in time in the past, show,<a href="">buy livigno parka</a> spring, wind and frost rain and snow, at our fingertips fade away a little bit of time away.

So passionate, so quiet is good, beautiful love as the years went into each other's hearts. Love songs of the years,

Chrysanthemum Yan shuai, bamboo, Ah, benefit to coming again, waiting for something, waiting for the coming of love,<a href="">livigno parka black</a> waiting for the return of love, waiting for the flowers bloom and sky, composed the hymn of love.

Still the night, lonely still, hovering on the brink of love and pain the way, dream atrial is opened again. Dream vaguely, see 陌 flowers, who is locked up I the old downtown? Who let me wandering die young? Who is the uncertainty, let me cut continuously, can it be sorted out? Love is like a flower, love song, love is like a river, love is like wine, wine mellow smell strong. Total under flowers in turn and look back only to find the distance between us and after we go farther.

Love is the end of the world, love is a headland, end of the world and the Cape no matter how far,<a href="">canada goose men yorkville bomber</a>
couldn't change their inner feelings, also cannot change the heart of the waiting and waiting.

Ingale, blurred, where disappointed looking back, tenderness, everlasting love and pity, shallow sing muffled once secluded dream, love and hate entanglement, such as finger flower, plaintive PCCW's lip language.

Understand the true meaning of love in the fuel rice cooking oil and salt daily necessities, in pot Bowl collision between the aversion to the smell of smoke, ingale, blurred, where disappointed looking back, tenderness, everlasting love and pity, shallow sing muffled once secluded dream, love and hate entanglement, such as finger flower, plaintive PCCW's lip language.

"Once upon a time, happy and reverie, whisper achievement of that affection undercharged in a series of articles I had beautiful poem. Acacia, and keep looking forward, toward the flower opening, Twilight scold flap. Most widespread core remnant. A sigh no speech, a curved Crescent advance window, a love Pou "? In this like static in the time tunnel, you soft British posture and weary in the shadow in dreams, is leisurely and the SI, vanity motivated youyuan memory ... ... Let a faint wall had become a red dust hangover. Tonight, if you come back again, I will certainly light show mild voice, shallow light poems for you to sing. "Believe in pay will be loved in return, believed xiangyue each other could be a different mood. Do lovebirds in the day, would like to do love tree. Reproduce the classic legend of trees and vines ... ...

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"Methodical" Einstein said: success

"Methodical" Einstein said: success = hard work + method + less nonsense. Bernal says: method enables us to better use of good natural gifts, but crude method of impeding our ability to play. Work (talk) how important it is!
It is often said: all roads lead through Beijing. If the shortcut you save time; if you walk long distances and time consuming if gone "inverse road" are poles apart. Methods of doing things such as work, study, just like the path to reach a certain destination.<a href="">canada goose women kensington parka</a> Method right twice; method of defect you get half the method error is failing to reactive power. --Knows the importance of how clever and methodical person is!
"Practical" Mo said: Notwithstanding the learning, and human behavior here. Lin Xiyuan says Sage words to learn since ancient times, salted practise personally what one preaches first, lacks expression followed. Mao Zedong said: reading is learning, used as learning,<a href="">canada goose kensington parka</a> but more important is learning. Said SADI: knowledge without practice, equal to a bee does not make honey. Washington says: reading cannot be used, then read books is equal to waste paper. How important it is to practice!
Practice is awareness of source, human of all knowledge, ultimately from Yu practice; practice is awareness of power, practice of needs strong to promoting with science of wheels constantly forward; practice is test truth of only standard,<a href="">canada goose parka kensington</a> truth of true and false identification only practice is most can trust of; practice is awareness of eventually purposes, awareness world of purposes, is to grasp world, and adaptation world, and transformation world. --Recognizing the importance of practice and practice-oriented people is how clever!
"Firmly believes that his" only confidence will only be diligent. As we all know, the first element of success is hard work. If a person does not believe in their own abilities, don't believe what they succeed, he can go to do hard work?
Only confidence, there will only be bile. Many people their lives mediocre mediocre, <a href="">canada goose livigno parka</a> often not impotent, but no guts. Why no guts? Is that not confident, played down his ability.
Only confidence, self-esteem. It is often said that "self-esteem", it should say "self-confidence and self-esteem". Because a man who only believe in yourself will only respect themselves. Self-confidence and self-esteem is a prerequisite to self-independence.
Addressed by the unknown, confidence is how important it is! --Is well aware of the importance of confidence and firmly believes that its own people how clever!

Thursday, 13-Sep-2012 02:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Once the love, and perhaps will never come back. Maybe I should

Once the love, and perhaps will never come back. Maybe I should let go of your love, maybe you can truly be happy. If this Exchange had a smiley face, I will smile and say bye bye to you.
Not hurt any more, no more sad, I don't want to really become the sentimental Lin Daiyu.<a href="
">peuterey jackets sale</a> The recent period of time, really could not laugh.
Perhaps I shouldn't tolerate the grief continues to spread, perhaps really completely let go of your love, there is attachment to you. Keep my silence, enriched my life, and believe that time to forget all that.
Anyway, I don't want you to be happy, you're not happy. Don't blame yourself, I simply let you know that your happiness is good.<a href="
">buy peuterey</a>
I care about your care, I share your joys and sorrows. Even if there is no language, I can still feel your heavy heart does not help with blame.
If you don't want to make me sad girl, remember that you must be happy. Don't let me fall into sadness, grief spread again. I try to let go of your love, or you can try to accept a new life.
Forgive me for not loving you, to accept the release to your love, is my last love for you. Once happy,<a href="
">buy peuterey jackets</a> perhaps deep in my heart good, not easy to touch.
Forgive me for not loving you, moderation is the love I gave you. Forgive me for the wayward there is blame, or even discontent, might expect too much will only be scarred.
Forgive me for not loving you, then you are no longer my life only. I should have a new start,<a href="
">buy peuterey coats</a> my life is not simply a you. Understand that perhaps it is not too late, we are also able to return.
If also bless each other, very pleased. To you, but also for my last love. Don't want to be stubborn, for fear of more damage and will be complaining.
New life, a new interpretation, a new journey, a new day. I think we all can understand, also believes we all let go, because we will always be the best and most obedient child.

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